Mobile Apps Development

Mobile phones have become a part of the daily life. As everyone is going mobile, enterprises need their solutions to be app-based. The need of developing applications has been growing for the past few years. This has led us to provide you with excellent mobile application development solutions.

We provide the best mobile app development service. Be it iOS or Android, we have experts for everything. Our techies are excellent for platforms like J2ME, Symbian, Palm OS, iOS, Android and others.

We develop apps with HTML5 support making it flexible across every platform. The fifth version gives user flexibility to the audience (you) to work with graphics and videos. Having HTML 5 support reduces development costs and excellent visuals. The apps we develop do have HTML 5 support. We develop custom web app which works on cross- platform environments. HTML 5 provides seamless experience across all the platforms like android, iOS, etc. and browsers like Google chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Cross platform app development is a platform that makes an app run on all the platforms. Our cutting-edge technology allows cross platform application development for platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows, etc.

We give attention to every minute detail and ensure that the application goes through a proper development cycle. After developing the apps, our testing team performs extensive tests using the best methodologies eliminating every possibility of malfunctioning. The app is also tested on HTML 5 standards.

With smooth functioning, it is necessary for an app to have a sophisticated user interface which makes the usage easier. Our developers ensure that the app is very user-friendly and gives the user a rich experience in using the app. Our iterative model makes sure that the user gets what he is looking for in that application.

With all the front end functionalities it is important to have a strong backend. Our developers provide you with the same. With the development of backend, we help you in understanding what suits your business the best. Meaning whether to go for a cloud based solution or not. Adding to this, we also provide you the best server configuration for your app.

Technology OneĀ is the perfect partner for your app development needs. We provide you a 360-degree solution. So, if you are looking for the best app development solutions, we are here. You can call us at 416-273-3000